Jamie Samans Robosapien Archives

Hi, here are some temporary links to some of the Robosapien projects I have done. Much of this information has either already been published in my book The Robosapien Companion or has been improved upon by someone else. With any luck I will get a proper web page up soon!


Servo Magazine "Hack A Sapien" winning entry -- 10/2004

Robosapien PC Control Scheme How-To -- 8/2004

Robosapien Remote Sound System Development Blog -- last update 10/2004

How to add a wireless camera to Robosapien -- 9/2004

A closer look at the Sharper Image Robosapien V1 -- 9/2004

The Robosapien Companion -- published 8/2005

A first look at the Robosapien V2 -- 11/2005