Here are some pictures of the new Sharper Image Mark Tilden Signature Series Robosapien. It just arrived and I popped it open for some quick pictures and an initial look. Glossy cardboard and chrome are difficult to photograph using a flash, so pardon the bad quality of some of the pictures.

Click on a picture top enlarge it.

The box is the same size and shape, but the graphics are redesigned. He also now has clear plastic inserts that hold his arms in place during shipping.


The finish is not that great, I am a little disappointed. Mine has some obvious flaws, like they set it down when it was still wet as well as some scratches probably from assembly. It looks like they took a white Robosapien shell, primed it, and painted all the white parts chrome color and all the black parts flat black. It has a "Sharper Image" logo on one hip, and Mark Tilden's signature on the other hip. The remote control is also "chromed". If you look closely (click on a picture to enlarge it), you can see some scratches on his chest "points". I guess it's not too bad, not worth shipping it back over, especially since I would bet they are all this way. It's so shiny it's not really noticeable unless you are really looking for flaws..


For the most part, it seems to be identical to the original Robosapien. Not everything that was glued together in the original is also glued together in this edition, and there are some other differences.

For one thing, the main circuit board has a different part number. My white robosapien is 6008-10A# (left) while the silver one is 6008-20A (right). The traces and components on the PCB look identical. Some of the wires are also different colors. Also, have a look at the black frame near the waist, looks to be somewhat different. The springs for the shoulders are much larger and attached at a different point too.

Also, they redesigned the PCB at the power switch. The original white one is part number 6008-8E (left) while the one in the silver Robosapien is 6008-15C (right). The original is much nicer since it is labeled. The push switch they used in the silver one is much smaller too. This makes the power switch tend to rattle around since it is designed for the bigger switch.


Update: 2 September 2004

After some further messing around with the Sharper Image Robosapien, I discovered that his forearm shells are in fact NOT glued together as they are on my original white Robosapien. This is big news for me anyway, as it shows that Wowee is in fact listening to us as customers -- this was one of the major complaints. I hope this weekend to have some more time to do a full disassembly of the robot to see if some other components (most notably, the head) are also not glued in this edition. It's ironic, because I had bought this silver one to stay stock and give me the freedom to hack away on the white one. Anyway, here are some pictures showing the forearm screws on the original white Robosapien (left) and the new screws on the silver one. At the bottom is a look inside the forearm, I am pleased to report that there is a tiny little PCB in there which looks to be meticulously labeled, with nice little pin connectors and everything.