A First Look at the Robosapien V2


The UPS man just dropped off a brand-spanking new Wow Wee Robosapien V2. This thing is huge! In the next pages I would like to provide some pictures and some brief initial commentary on the V2. There are quite a few pictures, please be patient as they load!

My name is Jamie Samans and I am the author of The Robosapien Companion - Tips, Tricks, and Hacks. If you would like you can contact me.

The next 4 pictures show the exterior packaging. This one is a from the Sharper Image and is the "Mark Tilden Exclusive Signature Series".

Like the first Robosapien, this thing is incredibly well-packed, and incredibly difficult to extricate from the packaging. I found this "warning" humorous:

Here he is with the outside packaging removed. That was the easy part.

V2 seems to be a little bit better packaged than V1, although the basics are about the same. The "somewhat better, but basically the same" theme is one that keeps coming up with V2 in comparison to the original Robosapien.

Here are V2's accessories -- a green ball and three red bowling pins. He actually has an on board program where he will take the ball and throw it at the pins, knocking them down. His aim is suprisingly good.

This next picture shows some of the packing material up close. All of the wires that hold the robot in place are covered in a rubbery tubing to soften them. Also, there are more plastic supports in the box itself, to keep the robot from banging around during shipping. Total shipping weight was 17 pounds!

Here is another picture showing the back of the inside packaging. Like the original Robosapien, V2 is held in place with wires.

Robosapien V2 takes a grand total of 13 batteries: 6 "D" cells in his feet, 4 "AAA" cells in his feet to control his brain, and 3 "AAA" cells in the remote control. Here's a picure of one of the battery compartments in his foot. Note the little identification sticker.

Here are some pictures of the video game controller style remote. It seems somewhat confusing to use, but then so did the original Robosapien's remote. I've only had this thing for a few hours at this writing, so I feel sure that the remote control will become more intuitive as I use it more. There are three "shift" buttons on the shoulders of the remote. I have a feeling the paint is going to wear off them. There is also a target button which projects a green laser which V2 will follow and track.

Having finally seperated the V2 from the package, I loaded it up with batteries and tried him out. Pretty neat, although I will hold off on any sort of review until I have had the opportunity to mess around with it for a few days. Here are some pics of the V2 in action:

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