A First Look at the Robosapien V2 (page 2)

Here are some close ups of V2's hands. They are certaintly interesting. I haven't messed around with them much yet, but they appear to be relatively capable, certaintly more than the original Robosapien's claws.

Here is the back. Note the old on/off switch in the same place, more or less. The two protruding nubs on the upper back are what help the V2 when it lays down and gets back up.

Here are the heel and toe sensors, similar to the original Robosapien. The big difference is that they are seperated on V2 -- on the original 'bot there was only left and right sensors, i.e. all of the touch sensors on one side did the same thing. On V2 all of the sensors are unique.

The next nine pictures show some of the V2's internals. I haven't figured out what any of it does yet, so I will reserve comments except to say that the V2 is considerably more complex than the original Robosapien

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