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Wow Wee 2006 Robot Line is out.. CLICK HERE to check out my page about it, which will constantly be updated!

RSmedia is our big item for this year. It's going to be a stand alone walking, talking, LINUX engine with complete microcode reconfigurable personality, VGA picture and movie and MP3.  Swappable SD card HD up to 2 gig (comes with only an 8m card though). Shipping Sept 1. 2006, and it has itís very own Software
                       - Mark W Tilden.

RS Media     (From: WowWee)

For 2006, WowWee packs even more technology and personality into RobosapienĄĘ V2 with the introduction  of RS Media.  Along with every one of Robosapien V2‚Ä™s amazing features, RS Media includes a multimedia experience that further enhances both direct and autonomous interaction with his owner and environment.¬  With a full color LCD screen, speakers and subwoofer, a USB connector  and MP3 and MP4 Players; RS Media can display and store data easily  from your PC. Have RS Media play a song through the speakers in his hands to experience his high quality sound system. Using the Bodycon  editor, you can edit all his movements, sound files and video files, and even his personality. You can assign voice files or choreograph  a routine to a favorite dance track. Entirely interchangeable, you can turn RS Media into a Wise Guy or load in your own unique personality.  Import photos or watch an entire movie using the external memory card  slot. Let RS Media take a photo with his color camera, and then have  him display it on the LCD Screen. RS Media can be controlled with an  IR remote, or put him in puppet mode for easy ‚Äúteaching.‚Ä̬  RS Media can store up to two gigabytes of information and software is  included which allows for PC compatibility.

Roboreptile ===> Roboreptile‚ĄĘ is an advanced  fusion of technology and individuality- the ultimate herpetological species. With his low menacing stride and striking animations this futuristic  reptilian has both direct control and free roam functions. Advanced sensor technology allows his awareness to reach new levels. Realistic  biomorphic motions and advance natural dynamics enable Roboreptile to move in two emotionally aggressive gaits and two different speeds-walking  on four legs and running on two legs. Watch as Roboreptile jumps, whips his long tail and springs into action.¬  Roboreptile‚Ä™s acute vision  and sound sensors allow him to avoid obstacles, and when in guard mode make Roboreptile a formidable sentry.

Completely interactive, Roboreptile  can be programmed with movements to enhance his fiery personality. Beware-  this reptile knows how to bite! Show Roboreptile his food and watch him get excited; or turn on his internal ‚Äėhoming beacon‚Ä™ and he  will track his food down from across the room. Just don‚Ä™t approach  Roboreptile from behind, or he may run away. While his cowl is on, Roboreptile will become docile and friendly; remove the cowl



 Robosapien RS2 Media and the Roboreptile The RS ď2Ē Media  still needs a little polish, as the "head" camera was just a digicam in a separate box hardwired to the bot, but the chest-mounted display impressed us considering its diminutive size. Even cooler was the new media/programming software, which allows for endless configuration and actually lets you preview an animated RS2 acting out the commands you want to download to the real deal. Robreptile felt a little unfinished too, but we liked it's three levels of aggression and the fact that you can satiate it with "food" or by covering its head with a cowl. Guess we'll have to wait to play with the P-Bot until we see it at T'R'U. More images after the jump...

 A Wow Wee worker Demonstrates the New BedCon Editor Software which configres and animates the RS Media....  ohhh I wonder if they have something like this hidden for the V2????

The RS Media is by far the coolest new Robosapien to come out of CES. It is essentially an evolved version of the Robosapien V2. It is adding in multimedia hardware options and personality editing software. The RS Media has added stereo speakers to the body and hands, a subwoofer, a SD card slot, and a color LCD screen (equivalent in size and quality of the modern cell phone screen). The personality software allows you to download and create various actions, add sounds, add MP3 music, and choreograph dance routines. They are done with individual profiles also, so one SD card could be the ďWhite Guy Jamming to JourneyĒ while another profile could be a Straight Thuggin with Tupac. Additionally there is a head-mounted camera for picture and video recording. This Robosapien also has all of the other functions of the current V2 model: IR, voice recognition, movement recognition, bipedal walking, etc. This will be going for around $350 and should be available around November. Check out the other two new Robosapiens after the jump.






























The Roboreptile is billed as being able to run at high speeds (how fast?) on four legs and has an expanded set of moods and behaviors. The release schedule is June with a target price of $130 USD ‚Äď more than the Robopet and Roboraptor prices, but still reasonable since the retailers will definitely discount it as low as $100 for special promotions.

It turns out that the P.E.A.BOT is an early prototype and wonít be shipped in time for Christmas 2006. The price is expected to be somewhere north of $200, and other than displaying a face for personality on it‚Ä™s LCD display (Max Headroom perhaps?), and carrying beer cans around in its backpack, it looks like we‚Ä™ll have to wait a while longer to find out what this particular bot is all about.

WowWee the company that brought us the Robosapien and Roboraptor has unveiled three new robots at the CES show in Las Vegas.There is a new Robosapien called the RS Media, a new faster more aggressive Roboraptor called the Roboreptile and a new robot based on the technology found in the Segway. The RS Media Robosapien is an evolved version of the Robosapien VE and adds a full colour LCD display in his chest,Speakers in his armour and a head mounted camera to give it multimedia capabilities. Users will be able to transfer stored data via SD CARD. The Roborapter is a more agile robot. He has four modes including aggressive, ferocious, passive and tamed. He can be controlled directly, preprogrammed or put into free roam, demo, guard or sleep mode. The final new robot is the P.E.A.BOT. Standing for Personality Evolved Android the addition of a set of self balancing wheels makes him fast and nippy. WowWee are also stating that this is the first time the technology for the personal transportation device has been licensed to another product. Like Robosapien, the P.E.A.BOT also comes with a colour LCD display. All three models should be in the shops in time for Christmas in the UK.

Hong Kong-based consumer robotics company WowWee is in the enviable position of operating in a market that's almost completely devoid of competition. Normally that's bad news for consumers as a lack of competition usually results in a limited and mundane selection of products. WowWee, however, isn't resting on its laurels, it's rolling out new robot models (and not just one) every year.

During a recent meeting with WowWee, company executives admitted that they expected more competition after the outstanding success of their first consumer robot, the WowWeeRobosapien, which sold over 2 million units in under two years. It's been followed this year by the Robopet, the expertly designed Roboraptor and the just shipped Robosapien V2. Now the company is taking consumer entertainment robotics to the next level.

The New Robosapien
As the follow-on to the Robosapien V2, the Robosapien RS2 Media introduces a USB port, LCD display on the chest, and, perhaps most notably, an SD Memory card slot in its back. It'll be a far more programmable robot than any of its predecessors. Users will be able to move the robots limbs and have the motion captured to the SD card. They can also record their own voices onto an SD card. All of this information can then be manipulated in the Robosapien's new software suite, which includes the BodyCon Editor, with which users can tie together motions and sounds via a timeline-based editor.

The RS2's new 320 x 160 color LCD is not just for show. It offers a view of what the Robosapien is seeing through its head-mounted camera. Any image or MPEG4 video (13-15 frames per second) can be captured and stored on the SD-Card (the port will support cards of up to 2GB), and also played back on the robot's LCD display. According to WowWee executives, one of the key benefits of having removable media is that you can create different personalities on multiple cards and swap them in and out of the robot at will. The robot's included USB 1.0 port allows users to connect their favorite MP3 player. Music will play back via the built-in, 11-watt stereo speakers located in the hands and a subwoofer on the robot's back.

Smaller, Agile Roboreptile
Robosapien RS Media will be joined sometime in 2006 by a new Roborepitile. Similar in style and function to the popular Roboraptor, Roboreptile is roughly half its size and far more mobile. In the demonstrations we saw, the prototype turned around, moved quickly from place-to-place, and can hop and jump. Like other WowWee robots, Roboreptile will include audio, visual, and touch sensitivity. The robot will ship with its own toy to chase around, but will not have a remote control. WowWee is trying to phase out remotes for future robots, according to company execs. As a result, Roboreptile will be completely autonomous and somewhat aggressive. So much so that it will come with a cowl for its head, designed to help end users calm it down.

P-Bot: A Chatterbox of a Robot
new relationship with Segway will also bear fruit this year. The company unveiled an early prototype of the two-wheeled Personality Bot, or P-Bot, a friendly, funny, chatterbox of a robot that uses Segway's motion balance system to stay upright. The robot has an LCD screen for a head, which displays a "face" with a contextually relevant emotion, and two thin, tube-like arms that end in balls instead of hands. If it falls over, the robot can upright itself. And just like any of us when we trip, the robot reacts emotionally to its own plight. When it falls over, it may look hurt or angry. The Segway-like balancing system will allow the P-Bot to carry objects on its back, like a bottle of water, and move across the floor without dropping it. Like the Roboreptile, the P-Bot will not ship with a remote control. WowWee expects to ship the P-Bot and other new offerings sometime in the second half of this year. Pricing has not been set.

And What Does the Future Hold?
The company is hinting at bigger things in 2007 and 2008, stating that its growing team of Hong Kong-based roboticists, physicists, and scientists are thinking beyond toys and, while they want to create products that consumers can afford to buy, they're no longer focusing on price-points. What that all means for Robosapien's ever-growing family of robot friends, we do not know, but it's beginning to sound like WowWee is daring the competition to dive on in.




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