Last Updated January 12 2005

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Name:  Chance Brown
DOB: May 6th 1984
POB: Calgary, Alberta
Eyes:  Blue
Hair: Blonde but now Brown :-(
Piercing: Nipple, use to have my Tongue
Tattoo:  Star and I am Canadian

About Me:

Well Im Chance, a 21 Male from Calgary, just moved from Toronto back to my original place of birth in Sept 2005 after not being here for over 14 years. I work full time for Solarbotics ( as a Roboticist / Shipper

I have being playing with the Robosapien Robot for about 2 years now, and find humanoid robots to be a great accomplishment in our Human evolution in Technology, but now have a new added passion for BEAM robotics.

I guess you could say im well known in the Robosapien community, but thatís because I always try to help people out with their problems and always try to think of new great modifications and ofcourse view other people modifications, which inspires me to work  110%  as 100% is  just not your best.

On my spare time I enjoy, playing guitar, going to provincial parks in Calgary, going out with friends to a Pubís,(preferably Irish) or the occasional Club here and their.  I also enjoy sight seeing, as Alberta has  some great view of the mountains, and ofcourse views of Calgary from up in the foot hills.

I graduated high school, and am currently working on going to School for Robotics Engineering in about 2-3 years, and hope to follow the footsteps of my Idol, Mr. Mark W. Tilden,  and eventually one day creating a humanoid robot based on his principles along with adding some of the mods I have done myself.

My favorite movie of this year would have to be Wedding singer, and ofcourse Star Wars, their is a few otherís to mention, but I am a big movie junky and really donít know which ones to put, so I'll post some of my favorites, Shawshank Redemption, The Client, Top Gun, and ofcourse Toy Story, brilliant peice of 3d Animation used on 3D studio Max


I enjoy playing games such as the Matrix Online, a great massive multiplayer online game which takes off from the ending of the matrix movies, (

My RS   with  Roboraptor and Robopet, seems
they were talking about RSv2 and RSv1 was
happy to have a new bigger brother companion


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