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Connection details, describes what the labels on the PCB connect to




Label Side / Location /Connects to

M1 /Left /Elbow motor (and opens gripper)

M2 /Left /Shoulder motor

M3 /Right /Elbow motor (and opens gripper)

M4 /Right /Shoulder motor

M5 /Tilt/ body motor

M6 /Left Leg/Hip motor

M7/Right Leg/Hip motor

P1.1/ Left /Arm Finger switch

P1.2 /Left /Arm Elbow position switch

P1.3 /Left /Shoulder Position switch

P1.4 /Right /Arm Finger switch

P1.5/ Right /Arm Elbow position switch

P1.6 /Right /Shoulder Position switch

P2.0/ Left/ Eye LED (-)

P2.1/ Left/ Eye LED (-)

P2.2 /Left /Eye LED (-)

P2.3/ Right /Eye LED (-)

P2.4/ Right/ Eye LED (-)

P2.5/ Right /Eye LED (-)

Vcc/ Common

Vcc for all /eye LEDs

P2.6/ Left Arm LED (-)

P2.7/ Right Arm LED (-)

SPK1 & SPK2 //Speaker on back

VDD-IN Batteries in feet (caution: fluctuates wildly)

GND/ Common Ground

IR-OUT IR receiver in head Active low signals, 1200bps

Vcc Regulated 3.6v (100mA but don't overload it)

Vre //?



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This is what you get when you get 2 RSv2ís with fresh batteries, Robopet, Roboraptor,  and 3 V1ís  all in the same room, fighting over what to watch on the TV!!!

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