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This site was last updated: January 08 2005

You want help, well now you got it. Ive went looking around the net to all the various Robosapien forums and documents looking all over...

The main problem people have is with Robosapien, is the walking ability. We could go really in-depth about Robosapien, and how his walking is not balanced on certain floor material (wood,concrete,carpet) and how his motors and springs act as 1 but I figure well just get down to the questions, but if you want to know more just read the segment over that that Jsamans talks about to the right of this....... ==============>

....Consider that it is not just motors that control Robosapien's walking, but also a spring suspension system that aids the motors. Also consider that these springs accelerate and decelerate the motors, and the resulting energy is generated back and stored as a surface charge on the batteries (this helps with battery efficiency, but means that the power sent to the motors is variable). Also the robot's walking (and all motions) are based on theories of dynamic resonance, so the longer it goes, the higher the resonance, and theoretically the better it will function.

here are some tips on how to make your Robosapien walk alot better, faster, and also make harder turns!!

ever feel like making him walk more straight? after you finish doing a sequence/playing around do a “reset” on the controller, this will align his hands and somewhat reposition his leg motor’s aswell.

if you want to turn left/right faster -simply toggle which way you want to turn... you want to do (either press Left/Right Turn 1 time, or Two Times depending on which way you want to go) and after that Open the arms hand that you wanted to turn to. so for example if you were turning left, keep your left arm out, and if you want to give it a little more tweak you can put the Right arm all the way IN/ARM CLOSE .......

My RS Hand Lights Doesn’t Work - Most of the time this problem is once again, A broken wire, but the problem is that this wire runs from the board of RS all the way to his arm though the cable and into a device inside his arm. Where an input is to plug into for the LEG light in the hand...You can pop off the LED from the hand, take out the jacks from the slot and remove it from the hand.

Open up the hand and power the LED or any other type of LED that you know might work on the RS into those pins labeled “LED” not “FINGER” or the other. Don’t forget to move the shrink wrap if you don’t see any problem with the wire, it could be broken there, you never know.

One of my Leg’s Does Not Move- Open up RS. and Check to see if the Leg motor is secured to both the board, and also the the resistors on the motor.. If you cannot notice any damage to the wires. simply take the motor out, by popping off the rubber cap around the motor and turning on RS and getting him to walk.

You might want to check if power is running though the leg, so you could switch the Leg inputs to see if it is a input problem on the board, if it isn’t, then it’s something wrong with the motor. Either a loose wire, broken resister/motor, or bad connection is the problem. I’d say though, about 80% of the time it’s a loose wire, or a wire is clearly broken..

Why is Robosapien head always facing to a side and not straight?? how do I fix this problem

Robosapien head should be able to turn when his arms are lifted, the certain arm you lifted up would result in his head turning to that side.. this makes a great mod for a wireless camera for PAN/Tilt action. But if your RS head is to the side while bot hands are down, you will have to Move/Snap back his head to the centre area. don’t worry this wont break, I've done it many of times as sometimes it tends to “lock up” you will here a CRACK that just means the motor going past a kind of pivot marker



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