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Schematics PT1

This site was last updated: January 08 2005

Mark Chas drawn the circuit diagrams for  Robosapien's PCB (Rev 6008-10A#). The numbers in square brackets are connections to another  diagram (e.g. [ 5 ] would connect to a component on diagram 5). Also, the numbering system for the chips U2 and U3 is my own and should possibly start at  the bottom left corner.This schematic and components list might have being updated so be sure to check out Mark C Website. along with possible updates for other Robosapien 1 Versions.¬  Soon to Come

Diagram 1A, controller U2

Pin-out for the main controller  U2.

Diagram 1B, motor controller U3

Pin-out for the motor driver chip U3. Diagram is missing some  connections which are either under the chip or are not connected.

Diagram 2 + 3, Infra-red and sonic sensor

In Diag 2 we have the Infra-red receiver, which is mounted in  robosapien's head.
Diag 3 shows the circuit associated with the microphone  that is used to detect sharp sounds such as tapping on robosapiens shell or  clapping.


Diagram 4 + 5, Clock generator and sound amplifier

Diagram 4 is the crystal used by U2 to provide it's clock  pulse.
Diagram 5 connects the sound output of U2 to the speaker.

Components list

On the next page is a list of the resistor values, capacitor values (only electrolytic at the moment) and the markings of  the Q components (transistors).


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