Well thatís me, this is the most recent photo I could find that does me justice. I have bulked up a little since then but this photo was taken just after I got back from holiday and I had a wicked tan.

As you can see Iím a rather strapping young lad and enjoy all the things a normal redblooded Australian guy enjoys, long division, getting down and dirty with nuclear physics and ofcourse blowing off some steam with some intense stem cell research.

Any spare time I have out from being the head of my local chess club and the chairperson of the Stephen Hawking fan club, I devote to enhancing the attributes of V2 robots to benefit those who like to tinker with and improve the design of their mechanical friends.

If only I was Beaker, but unfortunately there is really not that much to tell.... Iíll get rid of this page as soon as I figure out whatís gonna replace it?



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