The picture to the left shows where installed the gas igniter in the right leg. I cut away the plastic and used one of the screws already there to hold the igniter in place. I then drilled a couple of holes in the top of the leg to allow the input and output wire to come through.

Electric igniter02
Ribbed Tubing02
flamosapien profile

I then used some black ribbed tubing I bought from Jaycar to cover up the wires and the gas line running into V2ís hand. This neatens everything up and prevents the gas line and ignition wires getting caught and becoming detached. The lighter only comes with a small amount of gas line. So I used some from a local aquarium store to extend itís length.


If it all went to plan you should have a fully functioning Flameosapien on your hands with fully remote controlled incineration. Just donít get to close to the curtains, your pet cat or childrenís soft toys.... Well maybe the soft toys could be fun?

 You can adjust the gas valve at the bottom of your tank to control the flame size.


After thoughts....

After playing with the flamethrower for extended periods I found that the normal lighters tip melts and becomes unusable. For extended BURNINATING sessions I suggest replacing the tip with something similar to what I have done. Using a brushed aluminum knob (from Jaycar) I drilled it out and tapped the gas jet from the lighter through it and ran a thicker spark line up to the tip and out the side for more reliable ignition. This means you can have a larger flames for longer without trouble...

Flamethrower tip

12v Gas Igniter: Tytronics Australia

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