LED Vision Hack02

This was my first hack and probably the most practical. Before this I had alot of problems with V2ís vision system and got tired of hearing;                               ďLow light level, camera inactiveĒ                           Thanks to smartbot for posting instructions for this hack. I was going to attach a LED laptop usb lamp to his head, but the way this hack is done looks alot neater and directs the light right in the path of what the camera is viewing.

For this hack you will require:

  • 2 x White bright LEDs (I settled for 1100mcd)
  • 1 x 4 pin connector
  • 3/16 drill bit
  • Drill
  • Hook-Up wire
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Wire cutters

Right, first thing, and the most scary thing if you havnít done it before is to open V2ís head. Take all 5 screws out and put them somewhere where your not going to misplace them. Now the 2 sections of the head will come apart easily. Once inside you will need to take the 4 screws out of the camera board and move it out the way.


Now that the head is apart fire up your drill and using the 3/16 drill bit drill a hole either side of the camera. I didnít actually measure or mark where I was going to drill but I suggest you do to lower the risk of making a mistake. The pictures below show the holes inside and outside his head.


Once the holes have been drilled wire your LEDs in parallel to the 4 pin connector ready to be connected to the camera board.                   Below is a picture of my LEDs wiring and a simple diagram of how to wire the LEDs to the connector


Now push the LEDs into the holes, they should fit in nice and snug so no glue will be necessary to hold them in place. You can push them all the way out if you want, I think they look better about half way out.


Looking at the camera board (above) you will see that underneath it has a 4 pin connector, this is where you will be connecting the LEDs. On the otherside of the board you will see that one of these pins is called J2 that is negative and the furthest opposite pin is positive.

Slide the connector over the 4 pins making sure you have the right polarity. Once that is done we can start putting V2ís head back together (Right).


The above is a pic with the connector on the pins. You could just solder the LEDs directly to the pins which I did to start with but if you ever want to try to plug V2 into you PC and use these pins to try to access the mysterious hidden USB support from the pins you will blow your LEDs. Before you ask, yep thatís what I did.

Screw the camera board back into place and run the wires from the LEDs out of the small gap at the corners. In the picture to the left you can see where I have run the wires out and at the bottom of the photo the connector over the 4 pins.

At this point it wouldnít hurt to test the new lights by making V2 flinch using a bowling pin or his ball. If it doesnít work double check you have the right polarity and that the LEDs were wired correctly.

If all is well start assembling the head back together. Start by clicking V2 face into the left side of his head.


At the top of V2ís neck you will find a little white disc with a little locator notch to line up with the neck column. Make sure this is in place before anything else.

Then slide the left part of his head ontop of the disk and into the neck as pictured.

Followed by the right side of the head in a similar fashion. and screw them together.

Put all the screws back in and pop in the panel in the back of his head and your done.

Once you have done it a few times you will be able to whip it apart and put it back together with little thought, but it can be nerve-wracking the first time as you donít want to do something wrong.


Now just try to hold back the tears when he recognises you as human for the first time.

This hack works a treat and is best if you use the sunlight color setting. He will recognise his objects almost 100% of the time, even in the dark!

You can us brighter LEDs but after I blew my 8000mcd LEDs I just replaced them with 1100mcd which made no difference to his color recognition ability, but has prevented the burnt retinas I would receive with the brighter ones.

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