This is the site we all belong to and the home of Dance Machine.     Evosapien also host their own forum to post any ideas and questions you may have.

Knitsu is in deep when it comes to Robosapien hacking and programming, he also has connections that help us get answers of Wow-Wee and Tilden.

Where the hell can I wire this to? Nocturnal has put alot of time into mapping out WowWee robots and posting it up for all of us to cheat from. His site is pretty much the bible of WowWee product hacking.

Sprocket2Cog is all about Roboraptor, if you want ideas, tips and information on the little beast there is no other place to go.

RoBBoTT prides himself on blinding people with his neon tube lighting mods.

Binary Angel is the creator of software for RSV2 owners called Evo


PcPhobic has his own LED light mod and video of many of V2 routine movements.

Robotech has details on a warranty friendly wireless camera hack and allows V2 control from a Phillips Pronto



Robosapien 4mem8 has a site dedicated to his various robot projects. Including a V2 robot base.

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