This is where I installed the camera, right on top of V2ís head, doing this gives you great control over the pan and tilt of the camera, unfortunately it does look a tad funny propped on top of his head. I have seen another hacker Zoody installed his camera internally in V2ís stomach area, which looked neater but would lack pan and tilt. You can see from the photos I have drilled a small hole in the middle of his head along the join, just run the cable down there and connect it to the power you have supplied there. The picture on the right shows the taped up plug connected to power.


Now, the recharge socket. I put this socket in the back of his head, and fed the wires down to the batteries, once again wiring it in parallel. I put in a 2.5mm socket but you could use whatever you wanted. This saves having to pull V2 apart every time you need to charge the batteries up, just plug him into the charger and away you go.

Recharge socket

The picture to the right shows how to fit all that gear in V2ís back. I glued the RF/IR receiver down using hot glue, and you can see the switches and other gear poking out of the black panel. Once you have it all in place itís not a bad idea to cover the lot with electrical tape to prevent it shorting out or something nasty like that on V2ís circuit board.


Now itís time to put the little bugger back together again and have some fun, but before you do make sure you check everything is working properly. Getting the back of V2 is not one of my favorite pastimes.

Now is probably a good time for a disclaimer.

 If itís broken itís not my fault.



Hereís a picture of V2 bowling downstairs whilst Iím upstairs at the computer. You can see on the bottom right hand side the IR/RF Transmitter and the Cameraís receiver, which is plugged in through my video card.

To the right is a pic of V2 heading outside to pick up the paper, it took me about 10 minutes to get it back inside but it was worth it...... I think?   

Check this out... Robotech has installed his power supply, switches and camera in a more warranty friendly Ďbackpackí If you liked you could use this backpack and power supply configuration to add a IR/RF extender without the need for drilling.                            Check out his site here.

If you look back in my tutorial you will see a photo of the circuit with I.R written in blue over the circuit, before I removed it there was an IR extension socket there. The unit comes with a IR transmitter on a long lead that plugs into that socket. All you would need to do is remove the circuit from itís casing hook it up via a switch to the backpacks power supply and run the IR transmitter up into the back of V2ís head. Tuck it under the black foam pad on one of his ears next to the IR sensor there and your in business! Warranty Friendly RoamOsapien.

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