I was originally going to buy a RSV1 and do this mod but as Christmas rolled around I started dropping hints that I would like a V2. I had been collecting the parts to do this mod for a couple of months getting the main bits and pieces of Ebay,

After only having RSV2 for one day, on Boxing Day I gathered my bits and pieces and started plotting...

  • Jensen IR Extender, ( I bought mine of Ebay)
  • WIreless color camera with audio + Reciever (Again... from Ebay)
  • 9v volt rechargable battery
  • 2.5mm mono panel socket
  • 2 x toggle switches (smaller the better)
  • Hook-up wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Soldering iron + solder
  • Drill

You will require the following (or similar)

First get your Jensen IR/RF reciever and pull the little bugger apart, you will need to get rid of the sticky foam stuff on the bottom to get it open. Once you have done that you will have a circuit like this...


This picture was taken after the unit was installed so I have marked in where the 3 x LEDs were before I removed them. I have also marked the place where the extension IR socket was, I removed this and wire the LEDs to there.

Once you have removed the LEDs you need to rewire them in series (as pictured to the left) and then run a wire down V2ís neck to the RF/IR receiver.

The picture to the right shows where I initially installed the LEDs, I have recently moved them right next to the IR sensor in V2ís right ear, under the piece of black foam. If you have no idea what Iím talking about check it out.


Next, I installed the switches for the camera and the RF/IR receiver, the antenna and while I was at it I installed a IR socket which has since been changes to a 2.5mm stereo socket for him amp. Take the screws off the black housing on his back and remove the plate ready for drilling.


The picture to the left shows the configuration I used to install the switches ect. The antenna is the original one that comes with the unit and should be wired to the ďant.Ē tab on the RF/IR receiver board. Drilling a small hole use the original screw that the antenna screws on to put it through the hole and glue it down, now you can screw the antenna on and off when your not using the receiver.

Drill and install the switches ready to be wired to the cam, the reciever unit and the 9v batteries. The 2.5mm stereo socket isnít neccacary for this hack, itís part of the      Tune-o-sapien Hack.


These pictures show where I installed the two 9v batteries. I started with only one but when I added more stuff I thought an additional one wouldnít go astray.

One battery is installed against the circuit board on his back (left) and the other in the front of him in his groin (right). Wire the batteries up in parallel and wire the positive wire to the switches, at this point you can also wire the RF/IR extender to itís switch and run a wire up V2ís neck ready to connect to the wireless cam.

NOTE: Dont wire the batteries in series or you will get double the voltage!

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