4mem8's V2 Shoulder Cannon
Knitsu's Bender RS Media
Nocturnal's Spidersapien
My CoilOsapien
My FlameOsapien
Nocturnal's RoboTed
Clydesdale's Entropy V2

RSV2 Has been migrated to my robotic base and a 35mw green laser has been attached to his shoulder...”

“Updated, Version of Bender robot, now with 50+ sounds and 10 bodycon routines, 2 dance programs, and 4 macro's!!!”

Nocturnal couldn’t wait for the release of the Spidersapien so he built his own combining  a RSV1 and an I.N.S.E.C.T

Capable of shooting a BB across the room with auto reload and capacity for 8 shots. Laser sight added for accuracy.

I’m not a pyromaniac I promise... I just like having a robot that can burn things. Nothing wrong with that is there?

The prototype version of my mod to convert a Robosapien into something a little more cuddly (ie a Teddy).”

Easily the scariest V2 modification I have seen to date. I’m not sure I could sleep on the same premises as this thing.

WowWee Robot Videos
Other Robot Videos







More Manoi PF01 Robots
Robots in the Ring
Japanese Robot Suit
Plen Skateboarding

I would love to see the look on the faces of those Emo skateboarders if you turned up to a skate park with this little fella.

Cool aren’t they! Created by the Sugiura family, stage a  match on the living room floor.

For only US$300,000 you too can have your own robot suit. A great stocking stuffer for the kids at Christmas.

Yes, I may be a little obsessed in these bots but you’ve gotta admit they are pretty cool.

Watch as the little red robot bounces around and pulls out some nifty moves against his opponent.


Roschler's Wii Controled V2

“I use the Nintendo Wii Remote, with the help of a Windows PC running Robosapien Dance Machine”

Steam powered R2D2 "R2S2"

Yep... I’m not joking! The man behind Crabfu Steamworks converted a  R2D2 into a steam powered gem.



Steampowered Centipede

Another Crabfu Steamworks creation. I’m going  to give one of these steam powered gismos a try I think!

Here you will find a variety of videos containing various WowWee robots and others of interest.


R2D2 vs RSV2

This is a clever little clip I found on YouTube a while ago.

Manoi PF01 burns some fat

This little Manio PF01 bot flexes his muscles and dances better than I can(not really hard to do).


PICO The worlds smallest robot?

Created by Zac Wheeler of Poor Robot this is one zippy little bot.


Flytech Dragonfly

Just a video of the Flytech Dragonfly in action. Hopefully one of these will be landing in my lap soon... gratis.


Robopanda at CES

I’m not a huge fan of the Robopanda, Teddy Ruxpin still wins hands down!  Kids will get bruised hugging this thing.

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