Well I was bored today, nothing worth watching on TV, I didn't feel like wrapping my head arround and coding issue today and I really didn't want to work on updating my website again. So I did something simple, I modified my RoboReptiles remote to make it easy for me to switch between normal operation and test mode operation.

Unfortuantely my digital camera's memory card became corrupt so I lost some of the early images. So picture in your head, if you will, me soldering a pin header onto the test pads that can be seen on the circuit board below.

Now picture me having fun with my dremel drilling some holes into the case of the remote. Finally, picture me using my dremel again, and a knife, to trim back the edge of the pop out transparency (the bit with the LED's under it), to give me a little more room to fit my wiring in.

In the above image you can see where I have install the external pin header, and where I ran the wiring.

Here you can see what the pins look like on the outside of the remote. What might not be clear is that they are coming out of the eye's of the WowWee logo. I had a really nice picture of me drilling through those eye's, but unfortunately it was lost to the battle with the evil corruption.

This image show the remote with the circuit board back in place, and the wiring hooked up the the pin header I soldered on the the circuit board in the first step.

And finally this is the remote with a green jumper in place to put the remote into test mode. Not that it will do much good, assides from looking very nice, the RoboReptile won't respond to the signal's the remote sends when in Test Mode, I'm hopeing there is a way to change this, but I haven't found it yet.