This mod is a work in progress. This mod came about on the message board from a discussion with Robosapien V2 4mem8 (you can see the thread here). The idea is to basically mount a laser pointer on a pan and tilt platform attached to the V2's shoulder (Think Predator :-).

We decided to use hobby servo's for this because they are easy to use, relatively cheap, and come in a range a sizes. The Cannon will have two modes of operation, the first mode allows the cannon to be moved manually using one of the unused left stick modes on the controller. The second mode moves the cannon in sync with the movements of the V2's head.

This schematic shows the power circuit I will be using to power the cannon, its a simple lm7805 based circuit.

This schematic shows how servo's will be interfaced to the microcontroller.

This schematic shows how an external device (in this case a laser) is connected to the microcontroller

This schematic shows how the ATTiny26 is connected up