The V2 has a fair range of varied internal senors. 4 Pots, 3 Tilt Switches, 5 Encoders and 2 Switches. I'll break them down by joints.


2 Encoders - These cover head rotating left and right, and tilting back and forward.

Left / Right Shoulder

1 Pot - Each shoulder has a single pot to determines its up / down orientatoin

Left / Right Wrist

1 Encoder - Each wrist has a 2 bit (4 position) encoder to determine its left / right rotation.

Left / Right Hand

1 Switch - Each hand has a switch that determines if the fingers have close around and object.


2 Pots - These determine the left / right rotation, and the orientation of the legs relative to the body.M
1 Encoder - This 2 bit (2 / 3 position) encoder determines the left / right tilt of the waist.
1 Tilt Switch - This determines if the torso is vertical with respect to the ground

Left / Right Foot

1 Tilt Switch - These determine if the V2 is lying face down or on its back.