RoBoSaPieN HackZ

As of Nov. 9th I was one of the first to get my hands on the infamous “RoboSapieN V2”. And were already hacking away @ the little guy . . .

Wolverine MoD:

First things first was to do something with those Fruity little Round “Gauntlets”. (sorry Mr. T) As they are actually Sensors, I didn’t want to totally remove them. So I simply took a pair of scissors & Chopped off the end @ an angle. And VuaLaH !!!

Your 1st Official Battle MoD “Wolverine Style”

Second was to put our Signature NeoN Designs to work. Although we only had enough to do about half of his head so far. Dont be sad, We’ll have him up & Glowing in No-time.

J-5 MoD: Mounting RoBoSaPieN on R/C Trackz, for increased mobility, as his walking is more of a waddle & He doesn't werk well on carpet, grass, sand, ect.

FeMBoT MoD: RS is a very Manely BoT . . . However with the right MoDz in NeoN, She could have a nice pair of HooTieZ, a Mini-Skirt, and even cute lil PigTailz.

VoiceBoX MoD: Mounting Mini Walkie-Talkie reciever on the bottom of Tracked Platform will allow you to talk for RS & Tell Jokes, Talk Trash, Annoy you lil brother & So much more . . .

Weaponz Arsenal: Giving RoBoSaPieN Retractable Bladez on his Arms using simple R/C motors & Servos. As well as mini AirSoft GuNz.

Coming SooN . . .

Have An IDEA? Let theEyE-KaNdY LaB”

Make Yo KreaTioNz Come To Life . . .

Be Sure To Check out our RoBo-ViDeoZ SecTioN . . .