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Robotech's RSV2 Web Site

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Last Edited: 21 February, 2006



Welcome to Robotech's RSV2 Web Site


This is my RSV2's web site kindly hosted by the Evosapien.com.


I like gadgets and generally all clever and useful technology inventions, being hardware or software or integrated staff like home automation. I bought RSV2 for my son as a Christmas toy because I thought 'Hey this is something it stands out of the crowd'. My son use it as a toy and he likes using the 'Oops' and 'Burp' buttons ;D


I have to admit though that I am spending much more time with RSV2 than my son does and I mostly explore his motion, IR and camera capabilities. I think of the possibilities of hacking it and I enjoy spending some of my free time to modify it to my personal likes. My challenge is to apply easy techniques for doing my mods without drilling, cutting or gluing, this is what I call "Warranty Friendly Hacks & Mods" ::)  


I believe, RSV2 is the beginning of a new era of exciting robotics technology, at an affordable price and an indication of WowWee's near future plans...I like be part of this and most of all I really enjoy be an active member of this small, great community, fascinating with RSV2, posting hundreds of posts every month and interchanging all sort of creative ideas. 


Here you can find my pictures and videos of RSV2 and details of my hacks & mods. I hope you enjoy them all!




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