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Last Edited: 20 February, 2006

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Welcome to my Hacks & Mods


This is my first 'Warranty Friendly' mod on a Head LED. Having done this mod, my RSV2 recognizes all three colours (red, green and blue) under any lighting conditions, even in total darkness!!!


 Head LED Mod



This is my 'Warranty Friendly' hack on a colour wireless cam. Use the cam to record your videos and to check what RSV2 sees. You can also have fun with the realtime image processing software "Evo" developed by BinaryAngel.

Colour Wireless Cam

If you own a Philips Pronto remote control you may want to check this out. I created a ccf file which you can load on your Pronto and control your RSV2.


Philips Pronto CCF   





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