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Last Edited: 20 February, 2006

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Wireless Cam



This mod uses a Colour Wireless Cam and it is based on other Cam hacks posted in the Unofficial Robosapien Hacks and Mods  forum but it is done without drilling, cutting or glue.

If you are also willing to hack RSV2 and install a wireless cam this simple hack will leave you without any holes, cuts or glue marks :D

For my Special Signature, grey RSV2, I used:

1) a 2.4GHz wireless colour cam with receiver bought from ebay's store




2) two black electronic kit boxes measuring:

40x70x22 mm

45x45x22 mm


I bought mine from a local electronics shop but similar project boxes are available from online shops.



3) at least (1) micro on/off switch. I used (3) for controlling my laser and a 3rd one for spare. I bought mine from a local electronics shop but similar switches are available from online shops.



3) some black electrical tape, Velcro self adhesive tape, an 8mm rawlplug, a 30mm pole with thread, a strong glue for plastics and a drill bit (same diameter as the micro switch thread), which can be bought from a local DIY or electronics shop



Step 1: Glue the two electronic kit boxes together as shown in the picture. The big one will be used to accommodate the 9v battery that powers the cam, as shown below.



The small electronic kit box is used for the switches, the volume pot (see Volume Control hack) and the voltage regulator (see Laser hack).



Step 2: Drill the side of the small box and install the micro on/off switch


Step 3: Screw the pole to the rawlplug. Then use the camera bracket (comes with the cam package) to screw the cam to the pole. Then insert the rawlplug to the left side hole on RSV2's head. The hole is the second hole from the top of RSV2's head, as shown below.




Step 4: Connect the cam to the battery via the micro switch as per schematic below. This will allow you to switch the cam on and off.




Tip: The yellow and black squiggly wires shown in the picture are standard alarm cables. Use a thin Philips screwdriver to make them squiggly, as shown below. These wires are not required for this mod but are required for my Volume Control and laser mod.




Step 5: Put some Velcro tape below RSV'2 neck and some on the back side of the big box.



Step 6: The two glued boxes are held in position by the Velcro tape.

Your hack should look similar to the pictures below.






Connect the cam's receiver Video Out and Audio Out jacks to your PC's  Video In and Audio In jacks. If your PC doesn't come with these input ports you will need to buy a TV/Video Capture card. These are available from computer shops and online.


If you are using Windows XP you can use the

Windows Movie Maker to easily record videos from RSV2's prospective...


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