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Last Edited: 20 February, 2006

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Head LED

This mod uses a LED and it is based on other USB Vision hacks posted in the Unofficial Robosapien Hacks and Mods  forum and it is done without drilling, cutting or glue.

If you are also willing to hack RSV2 and improve his vision this simple hack will leave you without any holes, cuts or glue marks :D

For my Special Signature, grey RSV2, I used:

1) a white, 5mm, 1100mcd LED
2) a black cable sleeve of 5mm diameter, 20mm long
3) some black electrical tape
4) some black VELCRO double face tape
5) a pair of 2 thin cables (alarm cable 0.2mm), 150mm long

You can use White tape and Velcro for the standard RSV2

Step 1: Open the head (5x screws). If you have not done this before you can read detailed instructions in other posts.
e.g.: Carloz at

Locate the USB terminals and connect two cables to the far left and right pins. You may use a suitable connector.

Step 2: Solder the LED with the 2 wires:
The LED long leg is the +ve and must be connected to the far right USB pint. The other leg is the -ve and must be connected to the far left pin marked as J2.
Put the head back together but dont put yet the purple/blue opaque piece of glass at the back of the head.

Step 3: Insulate the connections and pass the LED through the cable sleeve. Apply some tape to temporarily hold the LED in place (Head Top). Stretch and align the wires as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Cover the wires with some electrical tape as shown in the picture below.

Step 5: If you wish to have a nicer look, apply some VELCRO tape on top of the electrical tape. Also fix the LED in place by using a small piece of double face VELCRO. Put the purple/blue opaque piece of glass at the back of the head. You should have just enough space for the thin wires to pass through its top edge without any drilling.

Your mod should look similar to the picture below.

Step 6: Switch on RSV2, make him flinch and the LED will come On giving him a much better vision. Mine can identify his red bowling pins and his green ball even in complete darkness. He has some difficulty though to identify skin when it is very dark.

That's it folks... enjoy!









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