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Last Edited: 20 February, 2006

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Control RSV2 from Philips Pronto


This is not exactly a mod. I just used my Philips Pronto LCD screen universal remote control to learn all the IR commands that the remote control sends to RSV2. So I can now use my Pronto to control RSV2 without having to remember the various combinations of shift and function keys.


If you own a Philips Pronto remote control you may want to try this out. The ccf file was created using Pronto Edit 4 and I have tested it with my RU890. It works great!

You can download the ccf file here.

Below are the screenshots.

I have grouped the various commands into (9) logical submenus.

You start from the Main menu, below:

Then you may go to the Demo menu:

Below is the Behavior menu:

Continue to the Walking menu:

This is the Arms menu:

Continue to the Legs menu:

Below is the Body menu:

The Program menu:

The Setup menu:

and finally the Mode menu:



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