Basic functions:

Start the program:
When you start Evo, you will see this:

Attach at least 1 webcam to the PC!
Then click 'Active'. You will the live video of your webcam. In the upper screen, you will always see the video as it comes from your webcam. In the lower one, you see the preprocessed video. Preprocessing improves the original video. As you can see on the next screenshot, the original video looks quite dark, the preprocessed video looks better.

If you want to, you can deactivate preprocessing. Then the lower screen will look exactly as the upper one.
If you have more than one webcam attached to your computer or if you don't see the video of your cam, you can select the cam you want to use by clicking 'Change source'. You can change the resolution (up to 320 * 240) by clicking 'Change resolution'.

Next I will explain basic functionality:

To greyscale:
Select the function 'To greyscale'. This converts the webcam video to greyscale.

To black/white:
Select the function 'To black/white'. This converts the webcam video to black/white.
This time you will see an options panel. Some functions (like this one) can be configured.
Here you have the option 'threshold'. If you use low threshold, more pixels will become white, and vice versa.

RGB values:
Select the function 'RGB values'. In the status strip, you see the coordinates of the pixel whose RGB values (color data: red, green, blue) are displayed and the RGB values of course. At the beginning, pixel (0, 0) (left upper corner) is used. You can change the coordinates by clicking (in the lower) at the pixel whose color data you want to see. A little white cross will be displayed at this position.