Welcome on my EvoSapien homepage. Here you will find information about my realtime image processing software "Evo". It's still in development, but I have prepared a very first alpha version and some demo video clips, so that you can have a first look at what will come.

Evo is intended for owners of RS V2 (and other seeing robots) who want their robots to perform tasks that need computer vision (e. g. tracking or localizing objects) and want to use easy, ready-made methods for this. When Evo is ready, you should be able to write programs for normally complex tasks in a way as simple as "Search the (empty) can of Cola on the floor, go to it, pick it up, localize the rubbish bin, go to it and put the can into it."

Evo will do the computer vision part. Maybe Robert (the author of RoboDance) and I will find a way to combine our programs, so that RS V2 can actually see his environment and move through it.

If you have any suggestions (bugs, missing functions, ...), please write me an e-mail using the contact button on the bottom.

Hope you like Evo!



Yesterday I had an idea to speed up things a little and added a new function: Motion detection.
Moreover, Evo now displays the time it currently needs to process a frame in the status strip.